Family Vacation Time

It’s summer.  Which means I’m not working.  Well…I’ve gone in for some meetings, and I am doing some reading and planning over the summer…but, essentially, I am on summer break.

We totally take advantage of my time off and travel.  We spent 5 days in Minnesota- hiking to different waterfalls and being unplugged for the most part.  There was no wi-fi!  And we had a blast!


We stayed in this cute little cabin and there weren’t many people around.  It was really quiet. Of course I made these 4th of July outfits for us with some panels I found at Smoogie Fabric and Design.  My dress is the Taffy from Petite Stitchery & Co and the girls are wearing Cascade Tee’s from New Horizons

We brought our big bubble wands and bubble mixture to have some fun!  The girls love these bubbles and they are really awesome!  We won the wands and some mix at a school function and then I found a recipe to make some for ourselves once that ran out.


My favorite waterfall was Gooseberry Falls.  The hike there was easy, and the falls were so amazing!  You could get super close to them!


My other favorite hike was to Split Rock Lighthouse.

I love lighthouses.  And waterfalls.  And my family.  So this trip was pretty amazing!

I had packed a few fun things to do, since we didn’t have technology to relax with after a tiring day of hiking and exploring.  One thing was the “Oreo Challenge”.  I managed to find a gluten free version for myself so I could participate.  We put the cookie on our forehead and you have to get it in your mouth with just moving your face.  It was a lot of laughs!  We videoed it and laughed so hard when we watched!  The girls asked to do it every night, and they want to do it even not on vacation!

Next up is our 3 week adventure to the Smokey Mountains, Myrtle Beach and then Buffalo, NY!



Snapdragon Skirt- New Pattern!

Pickle Toes Patterns has released a new skirt pattern- the Snapdragon! (affiliate link)  And it’s a SUPER easy and quick sew!  I am usually a knit girl, but I decided to try testing a pattern that involved using woven material, and I’m glad I did!


And so is she!  We ventured to Joanne Fabrics to pick out something she would wear and then I paired it with some knit for a waistband.  It took her awhile to pick the kitties, she really wanted soccer balls, but she has never played soccer…so we went with kitties.


When it was time to take pictures, I brought her mirror to the kitchen and offered chocolate.  So she put on a little modeling show for me 🙂

What do I love about the Snapdragon skirt?

  1. It was very easy to cut!  Just measure the fabric and cut two rectangles at once! The pattern contains measurements, not pages you have to tape together and cut.
  2. You can choose a knit waistband, or elastic.
  3. I can use up all the cute woven I’ve bought over the last two years because I thought it was so cute!
  4. This is a perfect skirt to pair with leggings!


I need to make Annabelle one- or ten- of these to go over the leggings she loves to wear every day 🙂  I also need to make more of the Polliwog leggings (affiliate link) which I tested just recently also.   They come in shorts length too, so my plan is to make a bunch of those for going under these skirts for the spring and summer.


Check out all the other patterns on the Pickle Toes Patterns website.  (affiliate link) I have also sewn up an Adorabelle and Safari Tank from them and look forward to trying even more!

(This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase patterns through these links, I will make a commission)


Vivax top and dress pattern

I was chosen to test another pattern!  This time, it was for Annabelle.  The pattern is called the Vivax top and dress and you can find it here: Vivax Top and Dress

I was assigned the dress length, with the collar neck, and long 3-piece sleeves.  Annabelle is not a big fan of long sleeves, so I promised her I would chop them to short sleeves if she wants, once testing was over.  She hasn’t asked me to do that yet, but that may come once it warms up outside.

I was a little intimidated by the pockets on this pattern, but they turned out better than I expected! My kids love when I make things with pockets!  I don’t blame them, I like pockets too.

When I started, I cut out the pattern on a black fabric, and then realized it would not photograph well, so I let her choose something more bright 🙂


She loves unicorns, so I shouldn’t have been surprised! I showed her the dress when it was done at night, and she decided to wear it to school the next day, so I guess she liked it.  And I peeked at her outfits for the upcoming week, and it’s in the pile- that means it’s a winner!

I found the unicorn fabric at Joanne Fabrics, and the white is a double brushed poly that I ordered from So Sew English in a bundle with some other fabric.  She loves the feel of the double brushed poly, and it brightened it up even more.

I really like the length of this dress, especially for a girl who wants to wear leggings every day!

Details about the pattern:

  • It comes in 3 languages- English, Dutch and French
  • It ranges in size from 12 months to 14
  • It can be top or dress length
  • Two neck options- collar or round neck
  • Sleeves: short, half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, 2 piece long sleeve, 3 piece long sleeve


I had her pose outside our school for pictures since the brick wall is a better background than my kitchen wall 🙂 Good thing we get there early, I’m not sure if she would let me do this if her friends were around!

New Skiff Tee Pattern!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test out the new Skiff Tee Pattern from A Jennuine Life. My girls love when I am testing a pattern because it usually means they will get a few new pieces of clothing and that I will let them pick some fabric out of my stash 🙂

It was Evelyn’s turn for testing this time and she always cooperates when it comes to modeling


This pattern did challenge me a bit because of the color blocking on top.  I was scared to try so I first made one without the colorblocking.  I actually used a panel I had and it was the perfect size for making a 4t in this particular pattern.


Once I felt confident with the pattern, I decided to try the colorblocked top.  There is a pocket option, but I didn’t try that yet.  I have a Trolls panel that I think I will use to try the pocket with so Poppy can be sticking out of her pocket 🙂


The yellow fabric is double brushed poly and is her FAVORITE fabric.  The blue floral is a rayon spandex that I bought to make myself something but thought it would be pretty for this pattern. She loves her florals 🙂

Pattern testing for A Jennuine Life was a very nice experience.  She was on the Facebook group giving updates and taking feedback throughout the whole week of testing.  It was nice to see other pattern testers feedback as I was preparing to print and sew up this shirt.  Because I work during the day, I don’t get to sewing as quickly as other people do so I would check the page before doing any printing or work to see if there were new tips or a new version of the pattern.

This pattern is so versatile and has several options.  It is also unisex!  So you can make it for boys or girls!  I have only sewn for my girls, but I know people who sew for both boys and girls appreciate features like that in a pattern.

When I’m testing a pattern, I HAVE to read the directions.  The whole point of having pattern testers, is to make sure it all makes sense and the end product is the same for everyone.  I made sure I checked the seam allowance and the followed the steps in order and it was an easy, quick sew.  Most of Evelyn’s things are quick and easy because it’s so little 🙂

If you are looking for a new shirt pattern, check out the new Skiff Tee Pattern from A Jennuine Life.



My Little Model

My 3 year old is full of so much spunk 🙂  I got my camera out today to try to get some final pictures for a pattern I’m testing.  I actually applied for something in my size- I usually do most of my pattern testing for the girls.  Getting pictures of myself usually proves difficult, especially in the winter when I take them indoors.

Evelyn saw I had the camera out and ran to put on her skirt that matches the fabric of mine and proceeded to do this:


Of course I just kept taking pictures of her because it was so funny! She then asked to see them, so I had to scroll through them on my camera.


She does sometimes give me a “normal” smile, like this.  But most of the time she has a silly face for me.  I remember Annabelle being like this too- and Facebook reminds me of it all the time with the “On this day” pictures.  It is a phase that will end, and then I’ll miss it.  So I’ll just keep taking pictures of my little model and let her personality shine through.  Besides, these are great pictures to print out real big for graduation/wedding events 🙂

Made by Me 2018

I don’t make New Years resolutions.  I just don’t.  Goals, I will make.  Challenges, I will take.  So, it’s January 16.  What are my plans for this year?  To be more intentional about what I make, and to keep track of it so I can look at all I’ve accomplished at the end of this year.

To do these things, I’ve joined some groups on Facebook.  The first one is the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. Every week there is a theme that you can follow, or go rogue.  So far, I’ve followed the themes.

Week 1: Sew something warm.  I decided to sew a Cozy Wrap Cardigan from Halla Patterns.  I had the pattern for awhile but hadn’t tried it yet.  My sister sent me this fabric for Christmas and it’s so pretty and soft!


Week 2: Sew something from the last fabric you bought.  This one was easy to follow because I had just received some more fabric from So Sew English and I couldn’t wait to make matching shirts for me and the girls. My shirt is the Slim Dolman from Halla Patterns.  The girls shirts are actually a pajama top pattern but they both love the style so much that they request shirts in that pattern.

I am currently in Week 3: Sew something to make sewing easier.  I made one little basket so far, but I’m not sure I like it.  My intention was to store my Wonder Clips in there, but they will fall out the bottom, so I have some thinking to do to improve that one.

I have also sewn up a bunch more 🙂

This is all the same pattern- just different versions of it.  The blue dress I made to wear to school.  Those are our colors.  The white and teal tank top was my test for the pattern to see if I could do a v-neck.  It will be cute to wear in the summer.  The pattern is the Felicity from Halla Patterns.


This is another pj top pattern shirt, but she loves it.  And I think she looks adorable 🙂

I would have to say that this year is starting out good, sewing wise.  I have at least 5 other things I’ve made that I didn’t post pictures of here.  I am also currently testing a pattern that I’m excited about!  And I applied to test another one.  I will have to make my next post about the patterns I’ve been lucky enough to test 🙂

What are your goals this year?

I’ve gone SEW crazy!

So…I’ve been so busy sewing….not much else gets done.  Besides taking care of my kids that is 🙂  I’ve found so many online pattern and fabric groups and am now addicted to looking at and ordering pretty fabric to make things with!

Here are a few of the things I’ve made:

This is called the Agnes Dress.  You can find it on the Halla Patterns page and you should definitely join their Facebook community too! I wore this to work and had so many compliments.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t resist it, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

The shirt I am wearing in this photo is the Green Tee from Greenstyle Creations and I made it as part of a Sew-a-Long (another new addiction of mine).  I bought the fabric in a Fabric destash page on Faceook.  I love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and I know my students will love when I wear this to school 🙂

I kept seeing this bathing suit in one of the Facebook groups I’m in and I ignored it for awhile, thinking there was NO way I could make a bathing suit.  Then I saw someone post it in this same fabric that I have so I thought I should give it a try.  I learned a few things- I need to add length to patterns that are meant as a one piece since I am taller than “average”. This is the Take the Plunge suit from Patterns for Pirates.  They have a lot of awesome patterns.

I was excited to wear this shirt I made when we were on vacation.  This is the Spoxy from Stitch Upon a Time.  

Another vacation picture!  I made my daughter and I matching dresses using the Brazi and Aurora patterns from Stitch Upon a Time. I found this material at Joanne Fabrics and bought the rest of the bolt which was a little over 2 yards.  When Annabelle saw it and touched it, she asked for something matching.  And since we were headed to The Carolina Opry together, I made us matching dresses 🙂  We had matching cardigans too, but we didn’t put them on until we were inside.  They were stashed inside my purse you can see at the bottom of the stairs (which I also made)

This last picture is the picnic blanket I made.  I used scraps I had and sewed a vinyl table cloth to the bottom to keep moisture from getting to the top layer. I brought it to the beach with us and it was perfect!  I found a tutorial on Pinterest to make it and you can find that here: Patchwork Picnic Blanket

There are so many other things I’ve sewn recently and I’m having so much fun doing it!  I was working on choosing patterns for a fall mini capsule sewing contest that starts soon!  Pretty soon at work I’ll be telling people to guess what part of my outfit I made 🙂

Do you sew?